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What We Do

We snake through bioinformatics topics using Python and R programming with the aim of reproducibility and scalability. Mainly, our focus is on creating Rshiny apps, python libraries, command-line tools, and genomics pipelines.

Here are a few topics we're interested in:

  • RNASeq analysis & visualization
  • Orthology inference
  • R package management and R environment management
  • Development of command-line tools for genomics pipelines
  • Improving the reproducibility of microbiome analysis

We recently (October 2018) participated in hackseq18 in which our project, beRi, was the winner!

Github Projects

Here are a few of our github projects.


beRi is a set of Python packages which is composed of an R virtual environment manager (renv), an R installation manager (rinse), and an R utility tool for installing and managing R packages and R package libraries (rut).


OrthoEvolution is an easy to use and comprehensive python package which aids in the analysis and visualization of orthologous genes.


A python cli/wrapper for running multiple qsub jobs with HTSeq's htseq-count script on a SGE/SGI cluster.

The Datasnakes

Robert Gilmore

Biomedical Engineer, Back-End Developer, & Datasnakes Co-founder

Shaurita Hutchins

Biologist, Front-End Developer, & Datasnakes Co-founder

Santina Lin

Software Engineer @ Microsoft & Bioinformatician

Bruno Grande

Ph.D. Candidate in Cancer Genomics & hackseq Co-Founder

Feel free to email us at for information about our current team projects or for a consultation.